Governing Board

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud is governed by a dedicated board comprised of parents and community members. The board is responsible for developing, implementing, and assessing policy; instituting sound employee relations; conducting open meetings; recognizing and conforming to the legal mandates imposed by state and federal laws; and governing within the limits of the delegation of state authority as a non-profit and public school board.

Additionally, the board has an obligation to assess its successes and challenges, inform the public of all deliberations and decisions, promote accountability, avoid abuse of power, enhance public understanding of its mission, conform to standards of ethical behavior, provide a framework for setting goals, and develop strategic plans for the accomplishment of those goals.

Board Calendar

Board meetings are conducted in accordance with open meeting law. The governing board normally holds board meetings on the fourth Monday of each month. Check the board calendar for exact dates and times. Unless otherwise noted, the meetings are held at:

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud
3701 33rd St. South
St. Cloud, MN, 56301


Board Members

Andrew Grimsley, Chair

  • Community Representative
  • Governance Committee Member
  • Term began April 2019

Rebecca Hull, Vice Chair

  • Teacher Representative
  • Governance Committee Chair
  • Term began November 2018

Aaron Schwenzfeier, Secretary

  • Teacher Representative
  • Pillars Committee Chair
  • Term began April 2019

Hassan Shuriye, Treasurer

  • Parent Representative
  • Finance Committee Member
  • Term began February 2020

Mohamed Yussuf, Board Member

  • Parent Representative
  • Pillars Committee Member
  • Term began May 2020

Noor Yussuf, Board Member

  • Community Representative
  • Finance Committee Chair
  • Term began April 2019

Athlos school culture will thrive because we believe positive behaviors, habits, and a sense of belonging is important to pride and developing successful lives.  

This will be evidenced by Swiss data, the panorama surveys, student and staff retention, parent volunteerism and presence in the school, and student attendance. More specifically:

  • The percentage of attendance to conferences, open house, and other nights will increase 10% by 2/3/21.
  • The percentage of Swiss referrals OSS/ISS will decrease 5% by 2/3/21
  • The percentage of general parent presence in school/visiting will increase by 10% by 2/3/21

 Athlos activities provides a community for student engagement because a healthy body is a catalyst for performance character.

This will be evidenced by:

  • A Panorama student survey, asking parents about desired activities to be offered at Athlos.

Athlos enrollment will grow to capacity because we believe an increase in enrollment will allow AASC to provide the academic offerings to continually address the needs of all students.

This will be evidenced by:

  • Retention and enrollment numbers: By Oct 1 of 2025 the total enrollment will be 1150.
  • By 2020, the enrollment will be 650
  • By 2021, the enrollment will be 750
  • By 2022, the enrollment will be 850
  • By 2023, the enrollment will be 950
  • By 2024, the enrollment will be 1050
  • By 2025, the enrollment will be 1150

Athlos finances will be effectively utilized to demonstrate financial stability because we believe it is our fiduciary responsibility to provide strong financial standing.

This will be evidenced by securing an adequate fund balance. It will be evidenced further by:

  • Securing bonding to purchase the building by July 1, 2021
  • Providing a competitive salary/benefit package
  • Purchasing quality technology and other resources

Under the direction of the board, a Finance Committee, Governance Committee, and Pillars Committee have been formed. Learn more about the purpose and goals of these committees:

Finance Committee Members:

  • Noor Yussuf (chair)
  • Hassan Shuriye
  • *Jon-Scott Johnson

Governance Committee Members:

  • Rebecca Hull (chair)
  • Andrew Grimsley

Pillars Committee Members:

  • Aaron Shwenzfeier (chair)
  • Mohamad Yussuf

*Non-director, non-voting appointees to the committees


Charter School Authorizing Program 
Volunteers of America – Minnesota
924 – 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

2019-2020 Agendas
  1. Go to BoardOnTrack for all agendas
  2. After clicking on the link, go to “Meetings”
  3. Choose the desired meeting from the dashboard
  4. On the right-hand side click on the “Agenda” button.
2019-2020 Minutes
  1. Go to BoardOnTrack for all minutes
  2. After clicking on the link, go to “Meetings”
  3. Choose the desired meeting from the dashboard
  4. On the right-hand side click on the “Minutes” button.

Contact Information

To reach the Board of Directors, Finance Committee or Governance Committee:

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud
3701 33rd St. South
St. Cloud, MN, 56301
(320) 281-4430