Athlos Academy is a unique public charter school that prepares students for success in three ways.
Prepared Mind - student in classroom

Prepared MIND

The Prepared Mind Pillar is centered on academic programs that will prime students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills they need to excel.

Healthy Body - kettlebells in weight room

Healthy BODY

The Healthy Body Pillar allows students of all athletic abilities to participate in professionally developed, age-appropriate fitness curriculum.

Performance Character - girls on playground

Performance CHARACTER

The Performance Character Pillar is the foundation of school culture and promotes 12 key character traits.

News and Announcements

School Closure- Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud will be closed Wednesday, February 20 due to anticipated weather.  All school-related activities are cancelled. The student recruitment and marketing committee will be rescheduled. If your child has access to Study Island at home, please encourage them to work on that to keep up with their learning. Thank you!

5 Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas You Can Do with Your Family

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for families to strengthen bonds, show appreciation for one another, and exhibit Athlos Performance Character traits such as social intelligence, creativity, and integrity.

School Closure- Friday, February 8

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud will be closed Friday, February 8 due to weather. Thank you.

Two Hour Early Dismissal- February 7, 2019

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud will close two hours early today, February 7 due to expected weather.  All after school activities, including KIDSTOP and basketball practice, will be cancelled.  Thank you.

7 Tips on Helping Children Manage Test Anxiety

Testing in schools plays an important role in gauging how well students are performing academically. Though it’s common for students to not look forward to testing, some children loath it to the point of developing test anxiety, a form of stress that can hinder their learning.

Two Hour Delayed Start Time- February 4, 2019

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud will have a delayed start time of 10:00 a.m. today, February 4, 2019 due to road conditions. Buses will pick students up two hours later than their typical pick up time. No breakfast will be served. Thank you.

  • Students and staff recently decorated multiple classroom doors throughout the school for “I Love to Read Month.” We love seeing such creativity in education

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day from Athlos Academy!
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  • Mr. Vetsch, Mr. Bigler, and Ms. Cremers were caught in the act of cleaning snow off staff vehicles yesterday before sending everyone home! Our teachers were very happy to see their cars dusted off by these snowy Athlos angels!
Thank you, administration!

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  • Athlos families. 
Please check your email for the Intent to Return Form for the 2019-2020 school year. Be sure to fill out the form to let us know if your student will be attending Athlos next school year. 
Forms are due by February 15. You will need to complete one form per student.
Thank you.

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  • Students and their families recently attended a math night held by our PTO at our school! We’d like a give a big shout out to all the staff and volunteers who helped set up this event. It was exciting to see all of the families who participated in the fun and educational activities.
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  • Athlos staff recently held a soup cooking competition as part of their professional development day. Thank you to our judges and participants for this fun way to socialize and warm up in this cold weather. Congratulations to team leadership for winning with Randy’s lasagna soup!

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