5 Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas You Can Do with Your Family

Five Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas You Can Do with Your Family

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for families to strengthen bonds, show appreciation for one another, and exhibit Athlos Performance Character traits such as social intelligence, creativity, and integrity.

Here are a few ways you can help your family develop these traits at home:

Valentines Day - Heart Shaped Food

Make heart-shaped food together for dinner.

Popular food items that allow everyone to participate are pretzels, pancakes, fruit, and homemade personal heart-shaped pizzas. Studies have shown that children who bake in the kitchen with their parent are healthier, learn cooking basics, and develop a more complex sense of taste.

Valentines Day - Deliver Valentines

Make and deliver valentines for others in the community.

Have your family handmake a batch of valentine cards and goodies, then deliver them to a nursing home, local shelter, a neighbor, or teacher at school.

Valentines Day - Date Night

Have a family valentine date at home.

These evenings are often most fun for younger children when they help plan it. Common activities include candle-lit dinners, family games, movies, etc.

Valentines Day - Game Night

Host a family game night!

Turn off technology and have a traditional game night with cards, boardgames, or something related you know your family would enjoy. These games don’t have to be educational in nature; research shows that cards, boardgames, and others can help children develop critical thinking, strategy, and social skills.

Valentines Day - Secret Valentine

Become a secret valentine.

Help your family think of someone they enjoy being around and to secretly perform an act of service for this individual. This could be a family-member, friend, neighbor, etc.

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