January Star Students and Staff of the Month

Star Students and Staff of the Month

Athlos would like to congratulate our Star Students and Staff of the Month!

This month’s Star Staff are Kate Hill, Elizabeth Gogolin, and Thalia Almanza.

Kate Hill – Human Resource Specialist

“Kate has one of the toughest jobs in our building. She works diligently to help whenever and wherever she can. She puts together sub schedules, listens to all of us complain, and yet never turns someone down when they ask if she has time to talk. Kate is honest but in a professional way and we appreciate all she does for all of us.”

Elizabeth Gogolin – First-Grade Teacher

“As a first-year teacher, Elizabeth already shows how dedicated she is to her students. Her firm but patient demeanor makes for a pleasant classroom environment. In addition, she takes the initiative to ask great questions, help the first-grade team, and take on extra planning. She definitely demonstrates our “Together, we are better” motto!”

Thalia Almanza –  Paraprofessional

“Thalia always has a smile on her face and shows so much energy and zest. She is the first to volunteer and offer to jump right in and help without hesitation. She is great about working with her ELL students in classrooms and modifying work to suit them. We appreciate Thalia and the positive energy she brings to work every day!”

Athlos Staff of the month

This month’s Star Students are:

Alanah Wenner, Piper DesMarais, Giana Otey, Destiny Lucas-Ritchie, Nimo Omar, Addison Meyer, Elijah Zimmerman, and Theo Reiners.

Not Pictured: Ava Olson

Athlos students of the month

Some of the examples of what makes these students Star Students include creativity, problem solving, striving to be the best, working positively with others, and leading by example.

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud is dedicated to promoting high achievement in all three pillars: Healthy Body, Prepared Mind, and Performance Character. The focus on Performance Character ensures our students will become well-rounded and well-respected citizens who exemplify outstanding character in and outside of our school.

Every two weeks we focus on a new character trait to develop a deeper understanding of how the trait relates to the students, how they can apply it to everyday life, and how it can impact their future. Our focus this last month was on leadership and humility. Students were nominated by their teachers for demonstrating exemplary performance of these traits.

Our Star Staff of the Month are team members who give 110 percent every day and show the following:

  • Exemplary demonstration of the Titan Code
  • Specific positive praise
  • Growth mindset
  • “Together, we are better” mindset
  • Demonstration of character traits

Keep up the great work!

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