School Start Date for All Students Moved to Thursday, September 10

Alert! Attention! Announcement!

Dear Athlos families,

Last night, in response to District 742 moving their start date, our school’s governing board held a vote on our school’s start date. The governing board voted to move our start date for students in all grades learning both on-campus and from home to Thursday, September 10, 2020.

We understand the importance of providing students with quality instruction both on campus and through Athlos Virtual Academy. The extra two days will provide our educators with more time to assure we start school strong and make our first day an exciting and engaging experience for all students and staff.

These additional days will also provide us with the opportunity to rehearse all transportation and return-to-campus procedures to assure a safe return to school.

For those participating in distance learning, these two days will allow us additional time to assure each student has adequate access to technology and the supports to understand using their devices and learning platforms.

More information will be available at our virtual orientations tomorrow. Information on orientations can be found here.

More information on start of school can be found here.

If you know of a family who is looking for a five-day, on campus option or a year-long distance learning option for their children, please let them know about our school.

For questions, contact the front office at (320) 281-4430.


Randy Vetsch
Executive Director
Athlos Academy of St. Cloud

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