Building Substitute Teacher Job Description

  • Date created

    August 10, 2022

  • Last updated

    August 18, 2022

Position: Full-Time In-House Substitute Teacher


Supported by: Executive Director, Classroom Teacher


Minimum Qualifications Required:

Education: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree.

Experience Required: Experience working with K-8th grade students preferred.

Certification Required: Valid Minnesota teaching license or short call substitute license.


Characteristics of the Successful Candidate:

· Growth mindset

· Reflective practitioner

· Innovative

· Creative problem solver

· Willing to take risks

· Highly organized

· Effective at time management

· Seeks out professional learning

· Willing to continue to learn and try new strategies/protocols

· Willing to plan and work collaboratively with a team

· Able to build relationships with students from a variety of backgrounds

· Good communicator and active listener


Job Duties:

· Serve as a substitute in various K-8 classrooms, as needed

· Assist with management of student behavior and discipline, primarily for students with disabilities

· Uses the classroom management plan consistent with an assigned teacher’s techniques and school-wide standards

· Assists with student discipline including removal of disruptive students from class and escorting to office

· Undergoes training in managing the behavior of students per IEP requirements

· Helps supervise students in all areas of the school including pick-up/drop-off, recess, lunch, etc.

· Assists teachers with classroom instruction as assigned (individualized instruction, small groups, etc.)

· Helps teachers accommodate all students with IEPs

· Communicates student needs to general and special education teachers when appropriate

· Provides performance measurements to classroom teaching mentor to help with student progress

· Potentially meets with parent/guardians to discuss students’ needs and progress

· Other duties as assigned


To Apply:


Please submit a resume, cover letter, three letters of recommendation, and a copy of your license to: