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Rebecca Hull


About Rebecca Hull

Rebecca Hull joined Athlos Academy of St. Cloud in the fall of 2017 as an elementary school teacher. She graduated from Bemidji State University in 2008, where she received a degree in K-6 elementary education with a specialty in communication arts and literature for grades 5-8. Following completion of college, Hull spent a year in AmeriCorps as a ReadingCorps tutor, as well as time as a special education paraprofessional. She taught second grade at another charter school in the St. Cloud area in the 2010-2017 academic years.

As an educator, Hull said her best quality is her ability to connect with her students through her personality. “I’m a firm teacher and expect a lot from my students, but I also balance seriousness with being silly and fun when it’s appropriate,” she said. “I love seeing children break out and laugh, dance and just be kids.”

Hull’s goal is to help Athlos Academy of St. Cloud become a strong, positive, and dynamic pillar in the St. Cloud area. “I want to see the students of Athlos be successful by building strong team relationships with a foundation of strong academic teaching,” she said.

“While I am passionate about all three pillars, I’m most drawn to Athlos’ performance character pillar. Being an athlete and a strong academic is important, and schools are usually decent at cultivating these areas in students. However, society is desperately in need of leaders who have strong character and morals,” she said.

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Grit

“Grit resonates most with me,” she said. “Learning young how to truly dig deep and keep going has helped me through many chapters of my life. I believe it’s one of the hardest traits to learn, but at the same time is vital to reaching one’s goals and dreams!”

Fun Facts about Rebecca Hull

Q: What are three things most people don’t know about you?

  • I love plants and flowers; I get my green thumb from my mom. I’d love to open a greenery or floral shop.
  • I would love to visit Ireland, Wales, New Zealand, Scotland and Greece.
  • My music collection and taste are very diverse. As a musician myself, an endless appreciation for music is engrained in soul.

Q: What is your favorite type of physical activity?
A: I really like swimming laps for fitness or weightlifting. I also really like hiking.

Q: What was your favorite childhood book?
A: “Mr. Bell’s Fixit Shop” by Ronne Peltzman and “The Ancient One” by T. A. Barron.

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