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Coach Kaila Lindsay


About Coach Lindsay

Kaila Lindsay earned her bachelor’s degree in sports administration/marketing from the University of Minnesota Morris, where Lindsay was also a member of the women’s soccer and basketball teams. She is completing her teaching licensure at Bemidji State University.

Lindsay was drawn to the Athlos model because of its incorporation of movement. In her own experiences as a child, physical education and recess were motivating factors to her learning. She found that the more she moved and interacted with others, the more successful she was.

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Grit

When she was an athlete, she wasn’t the fastest, strongest, or most talented in the gym, but she would work harder than others. By showing grit, she was given opportunities because of her work ethic.

Fun Facts about Coach Lindsay

Q: What are three things most people don’t know about you?

  • I played on the boys’ soccer team in high school until I was a junior.
  • I have four sisters and a brother.
  • I love to go camping and fishing.

Q: What is your best quality as a teacher?
A: I think my best quality is that I am energetic and excited every day to do my job. This impacts students because they get excited to come to school and class every day.

Q: Why is athletic movement class important?
A: Athletic movement class is important, because not only does it allow students to be creative, but it also allows them to develop healthy relationships in sports and with other students.

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