Joshua Wright

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    August 13, 2019

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    October 19, 2020

Coach Joshua Wright


About Coach Wright

Joshua Wright earned his bachelor’s degree in health and physical education from St. Cloud State University while participating in collegiate athletics. He has experience teaching in a variety of diverse classrooms throughout Central Minnesota.

Wright feels that the his best quality as an educator is his passion. “It’s my passion for athletics that drives my enthusiasm in the classroom,” he said. “I hope everyone can have as much fun during athletic movement as I do!”

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Energy/Zest

“The Athlos Performance Character trait that resonates with me most is energy and zest,” Wright said. “I like to attack my days with energy and enthusiasm to encourage participation from everyone.”

Fun Facts about Coach Wright

Q: What are three unique things about you?

  • I am originally from Iowa
  • Fishing is my favorite hobby
  • I used to play college football at St. Cloud State

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